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Falling For Him*Mindless Behavior Love Story*
Story published July 29, 2011 · updated April 21, 2012 · 72 pages · 8,017 readers · 45,949 reads
In Trouble..
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In Trouble..

Mindless Behavior!!!------------------>
Recap:Arie and Melina rush home from the concert after their mom called them.

We pulled up into the driveway, We seen that the lights were turned of in the house and we hoped mom fell asleep.  Me:Hopefully she's asleep. Arie: I don't know I doubt it though she seemed pretty mad on the phone... We slowly got out the car, dreading that we might face our mom when she's mad. Me:*sigh* She just know how to ruin a fun day. Arie:I know right... Arie quietly unlocked the door and we tiptoed up the steps until Arie tripped. Arie:Ow!! I covered my mouth, trying not to laugh. I walked back down the steps to help her up.

As we were tiptoeing up the steps I tripped. Of course, i'm a clutz. Melina was about to bust out laughing, but she covered her mouth. I tried my best not to laugh and be quiet , but it wasn't helping. She came back down the steps to help me up, when the lights came on. Me:*says under breath* Noooo! We both looked up the steps to see our mom staring down on us. Me+Melina:Hi Mommy!!!! We both smiled a crooked smile. She didn't reply instead she point to the living room. Mom:Y'all got five seconds to get into that living room!! I stumbled to get up and we both ran into the living room. As we sat on the couch  she stared down on us. Mom: Arielle Lynn Cross what is wrong with you!?! Havin' you little sister out this late! I looked down and didn't reply. Mom:Melina I know you had somethin' to do with this too! We explained what happened, Mom continued to yell, afterward she sent us upstairs. We were grounded for two months. I'm sure she would lower it when she calms down, if we argue to get it lower we would be on punishment even longer. Wow parents don't understand...

I went upstairs into my room, mom was pretty mad. She made this day terrible,but I tried to stay positive and think about the concert and meeting MB. It made me smile, especially when I started thinking about Roc. I changed into this:, then I snuck into Arie's room. Me:Hey.. I was guessing she would be mad at me. Arie:Hi, what's up?. Me:Sorry for gettin' you in trouble. Arie:It's ok, we had mad fun today, so i'm good. Melina:Oh, well goodnight. I left her room I was surprised that she wasn't mad, I walked into my room and closed the door behind me. I jumped onto my bed, and quickly fell asleep.

I was in my room watching TV, when Melina came in and said sorry. I don't know why, she was the reason why I had a good time. Today was a fun, other than getting grounded. I changed into this:[polyvore] before going to bed.

CHAPTER 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!