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My Protector~Neji Hyuga One Shot
Story published July 30, 2011 · updated July 31, 2011 · 5 pages · 1,276 readers · 1,530 reads
The story
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The story

15 years old and promised to be married, a Princess of the Fire Region. To create peace with the region of lighting the three daughters of King of the Fire Region must be the treaty. Most regions have them,only the largest village which are the hidden villages in each reason may have a Kage. So here I am, the youngest daughter of the King, my name is Miki which means beautiful princess. I'm known for my beauty, not my wise or clever acts, nothing else. Just my beauty. My eldest sister is Yasuki which means child of peace, and the middle sister would be Toshiko which means clever child. 
I have the perfect curves and am very busty, my hair is as gold as the sun, it's long and flowy. Like all Princesses hair should be, my eyes are unique a red/pink color. I wear the most elegant robes and the red cloack of the fire region. I am the chosen heir which is why I wear the gold color with a ruby in the center, and my septar (sp?) 
We were left to the Village Hidden In The Leafs. They have a female Hokage here, 'Lady Tsuande.' we greeted her, she gave us a generous smile and a bow, 'Princess Yaskuki, Princess Toshiko and Princess Miki. Wow you are beautiful, it's an honor meeting you all.' She said as we walked into her office, 'Now this mission is extremely important and should be kept with extreme carefulness. No one knows about it, we ask Princess Miki, who we heard is the most mature and decision maker of the three of you. Pick as many of the people that you want and if you want a carriage.' She said and I looked at her, 'We will not take a carriage, it would draw to much attention and only two ninja's. Show me cards to the strongest or useful ninja's here.' I ordered as she gave me reports on each, their missions and such. 


**Picture of Miki**

'Neji Hyuga? He has mastered his Bkyugan beyond his clans, 50 meters he has made it to 800?'  I ask in shock, Lady Tsuande nodded, 'Yes, a extremely...useful...powerful and special ninja in this village.' 'He will be our protector, he can check enemies ahead and we'll be ready. As for my second choice, Kiba Inuzuka. His little tricks will be useful as will his power and his dog will be a bonus.' I responded, 'No wonder you make the decisions. You'd make a great ruler.' She said and I nod greatfully with a small smile. 

The mission began, the cloack covered me, it was bright red with gold trimming though. I could feel Kiba's eyes keep wondering to my breasts, Neji also sensed this and soon smacked him into sense. Which I was easily thankful for. 
'We should set up camping your majestys.' Neji told us, 'Yes, that would be the wisest choice. Thank you for what you're doing for me and my sisters.' I said softly to him, he smirked, then he and Kiba set up the tents. 
My sisters retired to their tent and as did Kiba and Akamaru. Me and Neji sat around the small fire, 'I can protect myself if it comes to it. So if your worrying, please don't, rest.' I said to him staring at the fire.

Neji's P.O.V

I looked up to her, was she serious? 'I'm not tired. I do this usually.' I say and she nodded as she continued to stare into the embers of the fire, it's shadows flickered across her face. Showing off her high cheekbones, and delicate hair, golden as the sun. Her strange eyes glowed, her necklace glowed bringing more attention to her long, elegant neck. The other necklace dipped to her breasts which brought attention to them, which brought attention to the huge ruby under them. And in turn you had to stare at her whole body, her red and gold cloack brillantly made her shine. No wonder she was named after her beauty. 'So what are you thinking about?' She asked me, drawing her attention to me from the flames. 
I smirked and thought quickly, let's show off, eh? 
'Oh just the economic and population problems in the Leaf Village. You know anything about it?' I asked, showing off my intelligence. Her eyes flickered. She breathed in deeply then said, 
'The economic drop is about five to ten percent, the population has increased by three percent which is a problem because of the economy. When the regions are united they should raise by twenty percent.' She said and I blinked, she's a princess....why does she know that? She's pretty but usually the pretty ones aren't smart....
'Shocking isn't it? What can I say? I may be known for my beauty but it means nothing to me. My intelligence and skill in other things are worth more.' She told me, I chuckled. Then something about her, it just made me click.

Miki's P.o.V

I saw a blur flash across the fire and then I was slightly thrown back to a tree, soft lips eased themselves onto me, I tried to think clearly but couldn't, I wrapped my arms around him and gently wrapped a leg around him, pulling him closer. My breathing was going to get hard, I could feel it as he pressed against me, his lips left my lips and he looked into my eyes, then kissed down my neck, I arched against him, he had more acess to my neck which he greedily took, easing his way down my neck. I felt his tongue on my soft spot letting a moan escape as his hands caress my lower body, one wrapped around my wall, making circles on the small of my back as he other hand rubbed up and down my side and then pushed some of my hair back. Then he suddenly stopped, leaving me to blink, I looked down, slightly ashamed. I was engaged, I couldn't do this! 
'I'm sorry.'He said and I looked at him gently, and simply stated, 'You shouldn't be.' And walked inside my tent.

*3 days later*

We can see the kingdom, this was it. The end of my life, I was being basically sold , traded off for peace. For the best of the people. I reminded myself and kept my chin high, I lowered my hood as we walked through the Village to the Kingdom, gasps came and whispers of how fair the little sister was spread through the village as I walked past. I kept my eyes straight ahead, then came the road to the village, I gulped and blinked in the flash I had been pushed down and my sisters also, I stood in a ready stance when I saw Neji holding a shuriken and reaching for a kunaii as he raced over to protect me and my sisters with Kiba right begund us, his dark hair was flying. 'Give us the Princesses, or at least Miki, she looks like some gorgeous fun dosn't she boys?' A man asked and I tensed up, Neji quickly attacked, 'We knew about your weakness Hyuga and Inuzuka. Yet Miki remains such a innocent mystery.' The man chuckled, Neji and the man went weapon to weapon. *Like the picture above* 
Two men came up behind him, 'NEJI!"I yelled and he turned around slicing the two in half, I gasped out in relief, inappropriate time but damn look at those muscles! I thought to myself, suddenly Kiba and Neji were bleeding on the ground, Neji looked up, fire in his eyes, 'YOU BASTARD!" He yelled getting up to charge as the man took me by my neck, I sighed, 'Your boring me.' I said and did a one handed jutsu, Amaterasu combinded with a fire hurricane. I watched as he burned up, 'As for your wounds.' I said and sat near them, a hand on their hearts, they quickly healed, I got up. Neji seemed rather impressed, but something else was on his mind I could tell, my left shoulder met the side my face is a sexy way and I gave a sexy little smile at him. He blinked at me then smirked.

We walked to the castle. 'THE SONS HAVE BEEN MURDERED!' A servant yelled to the King, 'Two found sliced in half another burned beyond belief!' He yelled and me and Neji looked at eacother, Kiba gave my sisters a warning look. 'The Princesses are here!' Another called annoucing us, Kiba and Neji bowed, 'Ah, their protectors.' The King said thoughtfully. 
'Alas a treaty can not be made. My sons are dead who would you wed?' He asked sadly, then a vizer whispered something into his ear, 'You Miki. You will marry me or war will be against the Fire Region.' He told me and I was repusled, he was at least 40 years old! I'm only 15! At least Yasuki is 24! 'Your majesty! She is a young girl of 15! Think what the people will think!' A female vizer yelled, oh bless her for trying to stick up for me! 'The eldest Princess is 24, she has more respect then her sister. Beauty fades over time, but good ruling, ambition and thinking lives for future generations. The people who call you...The Great King!' She said and winked at me so no one could see. 'I see....fine!' He called. 
My sister was married and my other sister married a vizer. Neji and Kiba were returning me to the Leaf Village, this was my only chance, Kiba left and I turned to Neji. 'Neji, I barely know you, but I have these feelings towards you and their so strong and if I return to my father I will never be able to venture out of them. I'm asking you to leave the Hyuga branch...come..come with me. Be my King.' I asked, more like pleaded. 

He moved closer to me, I realized we were in a lonely little meadow. He removed my cloack easily using his fingers to gently move them from my shoulders. He caressed my face, with his right finger right above my cheeck. I caught my gulp as he twisted a finger into my hair, our lips met together, perfectly. I wrapped myself around him quickly as he laid me down on the soft ground, kissing down my neck. 'I love you.' he whispered as we lip locked yet again and again. He pulled away, leaning slightly up, our foreheads touched and his hands roamed lower....

We returned to my kingdom, my father was happy I had picked a brilliant, strong and exceptional man like Neji Hyuga. We were married the very next day and the main branch smiled upon Neji. We became inseperable and unstopable.