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Danger Never Stops... Or Love. *Hogwarts Love Story FINISHED
Story published July 30, 2011 · updated September 19, 2011 · completed · 123 pages · 6,708 readers · 84,174 reads
Chapter 27: Transf
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Chapter 27: Transformed and Ready to Go!.... Except for Hermione. :/

Hermione and I were getting our food in our plates in the Beautifully Decorated Christmas season Great Hall. 
"Will you tell me how you'll change into  Pansy Parkinson without Polyjuice potion now.?" Hermione whispered to me. I giggled.
"Nope!" I said as I popped the 'P'. She grunted and I just grinned. It's just that ever since I told her I won't need to take Polyjuice potion, she has been wanting to know how I will do so. Guess I'm going to give away my Secret... But I can definitely trust them with it. We got our food and headed to  were Harry and Ron were at. We set down our plates and sat down.
"Alright. We're all set. You just need some of the hair of the person you will be changing into." I said.
"How will we do that?" Ron asked us. 
"That's solved" Hermione said. I looked at Hermione as she reached into her bag and pulled out two chocolate muffins. I would want to eat them if they didn't have the potion in them.
"We filled these with a Sleeping Potion. Simple but powerful" Hermione explained to them.
"Wicked.!" Ron gasped. I smirked.
"Give them to Crabbe, Goyle and Pansy. And once they eat them, hide them in a broomstick closet so they won't disturb our Malfoy interrogation." Hermione continued. Ron looked offended.
"Well who's hair are you getting.?" Ron asked us. Hermione took out a tube experimental glass with a hair in it.
"I'e already got mine. This is Mlicent's Bulstrode's. Slytherin." she explained to them. Harry and Ron turned to me.
"So you're changing into Pansy. Where is her hair.?" Ron asked me. I smirked.
"I'm not using Polyjuice Potion" I simply said to them. They got confused looks in their faces. I giggled.
"She's got another trick up her sleeve." Hermione said with that tone of hers that shows her desperation to know what it is.
"What is it?" Harry asked.
"Not telling you. When we transform." I said as I grinned.
"Then how is it you could te-" Ron started to exclaim but Hermione cut him off.
"She won't tell me either Ron" Hermione said to him.
"Oh" Ron simply said.
"Well I need you to please get Pansy ane hide her along with Crabbe and Goyle. Hermione and I are going to check on the potion." I said. Harry nodded but Rom argued.
"Can't Hermione just go and you come with us?" He asked.
"Actually Ron, she was the one that corrected me in a few mistakes I was about to make when making the potion, so I need her" Hermione explained as I nodded along with her. Ron muttered a 'Oh' and nodded. Hermz and I left to check on the potion.


Harry and Ron had just arrived from getting Crabbe and Goyle's hairs and putting them to sleep along with Pansy and hid them in a broomstick closet.

"We got the hairs" Harry said as he holded up Crabbe and Goyle's hair.
"Alright. So Scar. What's your 'trick up your sleeve?'" Hermione asked. I sighed.
"Okay soooooooooo....... Uhmmm...-"
"Just tell us what is it!" Ron excitedly Said to me. 
"Well I may beametamorphagus." I quickly said the last three words.
"What?" Harry asked. I let a deep breath in and out.
"I may be a Metamorphagus" I slowly said to them. Hermione's and Ron's jaw dropped but Harry looked puzzled.
"You're a Metamorphagus.?!" Ron dazzled. I nodded.
"Uuhhh.... What's a Metamorphagus.?" Harry asked.
"Wizards and Witches that can change their appearance, Harry. They are very rare." Hermione explained. Harry's jaw dropped when Hermz finished explaining it to him.
"Well then go on! Change your appearance into Pansy Parkinson!" Ron gestured to me. I giggled and stood still. I focused on Pansy Parkinsson's Pug face like head and short black hair. I instantly felt myself morph into her. As I opened my eyes, I saw the others with amazed expressions and stare at me in Awe.
"Did I change into her correctly.?" I asked them.
"Just put on the Slytherin robes, and we won't even be able to tell you are actually the Pretty Scarlett Black!" Ron's eyes widened as he said the last four words. I blushed.
"Alright so you two and I need to drink the potion now." Hermione said.
"Oh and Guys!" I said before they put the hairs on the potion. "Promise me you won't tell anyone I'm a Metomorphagus." I said to them with please. They smiled.
"We promise!" they said in unison. I smiled.
"Well go on!" I said as I wave my hands. They nodded and put the hairs of the person they were changing into, into the their own cup of Polyjuice Potion.
"Ugh.! Crabbe essence.!" Ron gagged.
"Cheers." Hermione said with a dull voice. They clapped their cups together and drank them. As soon as they did so, they did not look so good.
"I think I'm going to be sick.!" Ron gagged as he ran towards a stall, clutching his stomach and slamming the door behind him.
"Me too.!" Hermione ran off into another one of the stalls and ran of into another stall, just like Ron had done. Now it was just Harry left behind as he kept drinking the Potion. He was greatly dealing with having to drink the potion to find out what we have been wanting to know. But Harry couldn't take it anymore and dropped the glass filled with the potion, breaking as it hit the floor. Harry gagged as he went by the the sink. Oh I definitely feel sorry for them. I then spotted Harry looking at his hands the same way he was looking towards me when I morphed to Pug Face. I looked at his arm and was amazed to see his hands seeming to be boiling or so. His skin fattened and thickened as he grew larger in height and weight. XP When it all stopped and turned around in my direction, I stared in awe at the Slytherin student Goyle that stood in front of me. 
"Whoa!" I gasped. Harry smiled. I heard a stall opened and out came Crabbe. I was about to snap at him until I remembered that Ron was supposed to have turned into him.
"Awesome!" Ron gasped as he looked at the transformed Harry.
"We better get going" I said to them.
"Right. Hermione come on!" Ron reckone towards the stalls.
"I-I'm not going!" Hermione shouted back in response. I was confused.
"Hermione?" I worridly said her name.
"Just go without me and find out!" she shouted. I sighed.
"Come on!" Harry bellowed as he walked, Ron and I following behind him. I wonder why Hermione didn't want to co
me with us...

 Well this is the Sequel to my first story. If you haven't read that one, please read it first. Enjoy!! Andd& Please comment, rate, like, or follow.! It lets me know I'm doing great! :)