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So this was all a game?.. (Tyler Lockwood love story)
Story published August 5, 2011 · updated July 20, 2013 · 7 pages · 911 readers · 2,489 reads
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Name: Hope Salvatore

age: was turned at the age of 17

Stauts: Vampire

Siblings: Damon Salvatore (older brother) Stefan Salvatore (older twin by five minuets)

Eyecolor: blue (like damons)

Hair: blonde with a Black dragon styed in it, 

Bio: Hi I am Hope, I live with my older brothers, they are grate, I am a mix of the both of them, I have Stefans romantic side amd kindness, but I also have Damons rage, hiden sensitive side, and abit outgoing.
I am best friends with Elena, Bonnie and Caroline, I usto date Jeremy until he cheated on me and dumbed me for Viki...uhg.. my heart shattered from that day and its still shattered now.. Stefan worries about me and Damon, well Damon is Damon, he trys compelling him, but I talk him into not doing it and he sometimes trys compeling me but it doesnt work on me for some reasone, But he just does it cause he loves me.