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7 Minutes In Heaven Naruto Style.
Story published August 5, 2011 · updated 7 months ago · 16 pages · 3,883 readers · 17,051 reads
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 You pick out a small vile of sand on a necklace.
As your stood there like a dumbass admiring it Gaara stands up and pokes you. You start to giggle and look up at him genuinly smiling with his hand out offering it to you. You hand him back the necklace but he grabs it and puts it round your neck.
"____ Its yours now" he smiles and walks with you to the closet while your blushing to yourself thinking "Dayumm he is hot"
in the closet its eerie and silent
"____ Are you afraid of me?"
You walk over to him and instead of his sand protecting him from you touching his flawless face he lets you in
"Now Gaara, Why would i have a reason to be scared of the one i like...... Huh? "
"I don know but i just want you to know that i will never hurt you or make you feel pain"

You just stand there like an idiot untill he snaps you out  of it with a mind-blowing and passionate kiss.
You reaturn the kiss and then to your surprise Sakura is 'awwwwing' at the sight of you kissing.
You walk out of the closet and sit down 

"_______ i would like to ask you if you would be my Girlfriend?"
"Erm.............Well never corse i will"
you get up and kiss him once again and he walks you home after the party and tells you he will love you for the rest on his life 

You fall asleep clutching the necklace and wonder where Gaara is right now and if he is thinking of you.

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it really isnt hard please!! ill love you forever 

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