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Never Give In! ~A Jinxx Love Story
Story published August 7, 2011 · updated August 19, 2011 · 11 pages · 653 readers · 1,374 reads
Jeremy Miles Fergu
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Jeremy Miles Ferguson

Hey Guys my Name is Jeremy Miles Ferguson i am also known as Jinxx from BVB, I was engaged to the one and only Sammi Doll but now I am back on the market. Why you may ask. We had been having problems as of late and we didn't want that to ruin us so we broke it of, dont worry we are still bestfriends and have vowed to be there for eachother even if it is just as friends. I am glad we were able to salvage at least the friend ship part of our relatonship. :) anyways I play rythem guitar and Volin. To be honest, I find the Violin a very romantic intsturment. :) Anyways I gotta go, Sammi is taking me shopping soon 



Btw the BVB boys & sandra are like family to me. :) ♥ Ma Boiz :P

A request for Mallory :)

By Rickie


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