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Meant to be Together (Alec Volturi love story)
Story published August 7, 2011 · updated June 9, 2013 · 43 pages · 5,118 readers · 25,468 reads
Chapter 13- She is
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Chapter 13- She is Perfect

*Jane's Point of View*
I was sitting in Melanie's room as she paced the whole perimeter  of her room. She kept talking about how mad she was that I had gotten everyone in the castle to follow her on her date. It was quite annoying, I had already heard it from Alec this morning. Only he was a little more mad, throwing things at me and some cuss words thrown around in Italian; you know the normal morning here in the Volturi castle. It's a shame because in reality it wasn't even me who came up with the actual plan to follow her and chaperon her date, it was Felix. He told me when we were feeding and Aro overheard and loved the idea, making sure the plan got carried out. I wasn't even really apart of it at all. I then started to cut Mel off, "You know Mel-" All of a sudden this weird looking newborn walked in looking between me and Melanie who was pacing. He then said, "The Master's require you. And Master Aro has asked that you Miss. Melanie to act as you do when we have special visitors." Mel's eyebrows rose into her bangs, and she then quietly said to him "Yes thank you Michael. Jane and I will join you all shortly." 

He walked out and I said, "Shortly?" 

She nodded, "Father has said that if there are 'special' visitors then they are unplanned and uncharted vampires. And they want something." 

She quickly put on her cloak over her clothes, and started out the door and ran down the hallway knowing that Aro would not be happy with us if we did not come as soon as he had told us. I quickly started after her, catching up to her and as we got to the room we could hear some vampires talking. And it was odd, but they had thick Italian accents. I looked at Melanie weirdly and she raised one eyebrow and just shrugged and quietly opened the door and walked into the room holding the door open for me. I walked in and took sight of about 7 vampires standing in front of the three masters. I quickly went and took my place towards the front of the room next to Alec. Melanie walked her way to the front behind her father and next to Master Caius. 

Finally one of the men said, "We have lived her plenty of years and you and your family," He looked around at a few of us in disgust and then continued, "have taken out all our feeding. And since from this we have decided to be gracious and only demand that you give us half of your riches and stop feeding from people in the area." 

At this point half of the not so controlled guard was hissing. I have to admit, I was among them. Aro was about to say something when all of their vampires hissed back at us. 

Melanie rolled her eyes and said in a voice that could rival Master Caius', "You would do well to control yourselves, we have some of our guard in here who has not practiced their self-control yet." 

His red eyes focused on her and he said, "Stay out of this little girl, you know nothing of business." 

*Alec's Point of View*
I was about to hiss at that, my girlfriend know nothing of business. But Jane grabbed my arm squeezing hard; telling me to listen and see what Mel was going to do. This was a complete outrage, they wanted to take half of our things. I would not have it. Even if I was the only one fighting, no way in hell would anyone soil the name of Volturi and come in here demanding something like that. 

Melanie just laughed, then said, "You have some nerve coming in here to the Volturi... insulting our family, demanding we give you food and money? Just who exactly do you think you are and what do you think this is? do not take any pity on you, seeing as your eyes are a bright red feeding must not be that much of a problem."

She then kept talking ignoring the look that Aro had given her saying, "And your fake Italian accents? What do you take us for fools? We have lived in here thousands of years and not one vampire clan has challenged us, except the Romanians. And problems like that must be taken care of. What exactly was your intention coming in here making some double life?"

Melanie has now started down the steps and was staring the leader of their coven in the eyes. He seemed completely lost for words and she kept looking at him waiting for him to answer her. He said nothing still. 

She looked at Aro and said, "Father can we? Please? They obviously take us as fools and care not for any of the rules." 

Aro looked at the men for a while, deciding their fate then finally said, "Go ahead my daughter." 

It would be scary to an outsider, she then turned to the leader with a devilish smile upon her angelic face and then she walked towards them slowly motioning for me to cut off all the senses of the people in the back. She then quickly tore off the first person's head. Stepping back letting the guard jump in and kill the rest. She is perfect.