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You-YOU!-A marauder love story ON HOLD
Story published August 10, 2011 · updated July 13, 2013 · 309 pages · 3,627 readers · 47,475 reads
Chapter 2 The trai
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Chapter 2 The train.

*Claire's P.O.V!*
I sat on my bed after singing Rolling in deep.

I picked up my photo album and looked at the pictures. I looked at the picture of me and Keven (The picture above) tolknig about Magic. Keven was a Neko just like me. He was a couple months over me though. We were best friends... I flipped the page and saw a very young Neko, me, A woman, my mom, with blond hair and a man whith black haire, my father. I felt tears coem but I blinked them away. I havn't cryed for a long time. I only cryed when it was private and no one could see me or if I REAAALLLLYYY coudn't help it. I heard a voice. "CLAIIIIRRREEE!!!Time to GO!!!" I stuffed my photo book in my bag and dragged my suit case down the staires. I flopped on the couch waiting for my Aunt and Uncle to come and drive me to the train station. My Aunt came up to me and said "You ready to go kiddo?" I skipped up and nodded like a three year old. My Aunt laughed and my uncle came up and said "Now what are my two favourite girls laughing about now?" I skipped up saying " Great! Your here  we can go now right? Right!?" My Aunt and Uncle faked a sigh and tears. "S-she wants to leave us? Shes THAT anxiouse?" Fake cried my Aunt and mu uncle said "Were went that little helpless girl who clung to us for the first day at Beaux Batons?" I sighed and put my hands on my hips saying "O.K, ONE: I left her in my room. TWO: I was not helpless! THREE:I hate BEaux Batons. Its too....Girly.... And FOUR! THIS IS HOGWARTS WERE TOLKING ABOUT HERE!!!" THey laughed and I gave them my (You've GOT to be kidding me.) look and we left for the car. Aunty says that we can't aparate since first of all, I don't know how. And secondly, dispite all my protests, the muggles will find it QUITE awkward and shocking to see us pop out of anywere. Even though I said : But thats the POINT! To see their faces!!!: They didnt buy it. I sang to a muggle songs all the way there.
One of them was Firework.

 I walked into the train station with my trawly (sp???) Of course my Aunt and Uncle left when I got in. Ugh. I walked to the platform 9 and 10 and took a deep breath remembering what Keven had told me. Eather I'm going mad or Insain.  I ran between the pillars expecting to be stupid and hit it but I just ran right THREW! I loked around in awe. This place was HUGE! The TRAIN was HUGE!!! I gave my stuff (I'm not going to write trawly since I don't really know HOW to write it ^.^ lolz) to the guy who was putting more trunks in the train and I walked in. I looked at my watch. 10:59. I'll test if what Keven said was true. If the train leave at EXACTLY 11:00. I counted down the seconds. 5...4...3...2...1!!! The train was leaving COOLZ! I tryed to balence myself but failed I fell. I heard a voice "Watch were your GOING!" I looked up and saw a boy with black hair " Sorry!" I said and turned around to leave. I saw an empty compartment and sat down to read my book. I heard a knock on the door. I looked up and saw three boys. I waved for them to come in and they did. "Can we sit here? All the other compartment are full." The boy with veeeerry messy black hair and glasses said and I nodded. Does he ever brush his hair? The boy with veeeerry messy black hair and glasses said "Were are our manners?! I'm James, James Potter." The boy with shaggy black hair said "I'm Sirius, Sirius Black." I held back a laugh. Why so siriouse (sp?) sirius? Teehee! The short boy studdered "I-I'm P-Petter P-Pettigrew." I shook their hands and chirped "I'm Claire!" Just then a boy panted "S-sorry *pants* I'm late. *Pants* got myself nito abit of trouble back there. I turned and saw a boy with sandy hair leaning on the comparment frame. "R-Remus!?" "Claire!?" I jumped on him and hugged him. He exclaimed "You didn't tell me that you were coming here!" I shrugged "Well sorry 'bout that!" He laughed and he boys behind us shouted in union "You two KNOW each other!?" I nodded like a three years old which I liked doing and Remus just simply nodded.

Please tell me how I'm doing! Love you all!!!


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