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16 and Pregnant By A Werewolf *Finished*
Story published August 11, 2011 · updated August 16, 2011 · completed · 13 pages · 6,379 readers · 11,679 reads
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I walked in the bathroom and looked at the 1st one. i knew it. I checked the other 2. All 3 tests said postive.
Me- F*CK
Leah- Positive?
Me- Yes.
I threw them in the trash wrapped around toliet paper. Paul won't notice.
Me- How do I tell them?
Leah- How about we rip the bandaid off and just go tell them now?
Me- Paul's going to be mad.
I shook my head.
Leah- I'll jump in. Sam will help. Quil will too. Come on.
Me- Can I take a shower and change 1st?
She nodded. I walked in my bathroom and cleaned up.  
I kinda felt better from the warm shower. I walked downstairs.
Leah- Ready?
I nodded kinda. We walked to Sam's house and went in.
Quil- Hey baby
I groaned at that word
Quil- What's wrong?
Me- Leah who do I tell 1st?
Leah- All at same time I think.
Me- Great. Sam hold Paul please. And Jake and Jared hold him. And umm..... someone else hold him please.
My voice was shaky. 
Sam- Paul alpha command to stay put. Continue
Me- Ummmmm.......... I'm kinda, well I am, ugh
Leah- Paul won't hurt you. Tell him.
I was terrified.
Me- I'm pregnant
I blurted it out. There was many shocked faces and a mad Paul
Paul- BY WHO?
Me- I should of told you 1st I think.
Quil- It's o.k. 
Me- Paul don't kill Quil
He was snarling. He got out of his seat. Sam grabbed Paul.
I was terrified of Paul. He saw that in my eyes. I was shaking. He calmed down. Quil held me. I had tears pouring down my cheeks. I heard Paul sigh.
Paul- I'm sorry
He hugged me. I was still on Quil's lap. 
Paul- I won't kill Quil unless he leaves
Quil- I would never
Paul- Good
He snapped it at Quil.
Emily- That's great news sweetie.
I nodded.
Me- I guess another year of homeschooling online?
Paul nodded.
Paul- I'm not telling Skylar.
Me- I'll call right now......
He handed me his phone. Liz answered.
Me- Hey Liz.
Lix- What's up?
Me- Nothing much. Found out I'm pregnant and all that.
Me- Hi bubbie.
Skylar- Did Paul kill the d*Ck?
Me- No...........
Skylar- I'll kill him.
Me- Skylar he's my imprint at least. Please don't
Skylar- Fine.  Let me calm down.
Me- k be
Skylar- Bye
I hung up the phone.
Sam- So no going wolf young lady. And you need someone by your side ever minute of the day.
Me- Awww........
Quil hugged me.
Me- I'm making it clear to Quil right now he's still going to high school as a Senior and graduating.
Quil- But
Paul- Education is important.
Me- Mine has been online for a couple years so I'm used to it.
Paul- K and I'll check your work
I sighed. 
They all started talking all happy................