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Do You Have ADHD?
Quiz published September 4, 2011 · 4,234 takers
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Do you find it difficult to concentrate on completing tasks, leaving projects before they are finished because of a wandering mind?
Do you have trouble concentrating on reading material that is uninteresting or difficult to read?
Do you say things without thinking, sometimes regretting them later?
Do you often make decisions quickly without pausing to consider their possible outcomes
Do you experience mood swings, from highs to lows?
Are you more comfortable when you’re moving around than you are when sitting still?
Do you often have trouble refraining from daydreaming or letting your mind wander?
Do you have difficulty following what is said in conversations?
Do You Find It Hard To Do homework? {2+2=..... Crap Led Broke *Goes On Hurt For Pencile shapiner*}
 Do You Find It Hard To Read Something If You're Not Highly Interested In It?

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