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Which Marvel or DC Comics character are you?
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Are you male or female?
Are you a hero or villain?
Super strength or technology-based weapons?
Where are you from?
Red or green?
How did you attain your powers?
Who would you rather fight: Killer Croc or Wolverine?
An enemy of yours is approaching you. What do you do?
Can you fly?
 You see a civilian falling off a roof. What do you do?
 If you could help one person, who would it be?
 The Joker, The Leader, Lex Luthor, and Solomon Grundy have joined forces to take you down. You can only choose one superhero to help you out. Who would it be? 
 You have defeated the group of super villains led by the Joker. However, the Joker has escaped once again, and left you with a parting gift: a bomb powerful enough to wipe out half the city. What do you do with the bomb?
 You have caught up with the Joker and you both are fighting on top of a clock tower. The Joker pulls out a gun in desperation to kill you but you deliver a blow to his jaw, knocking him off the building. You grab his right arm just as he falls, and he is hanging on for dear life. You remember all that this crazed clown has done, so what will you do? Whatever you decide, remember, you're supposed to do what is right... 

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