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What type of Zombie Killer are you?
Quiz published October 30, 2011 · 11,352 takers
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The zombie outbreak happens! What do you do first?
 You want to be in a group of people, because thats the smart thing to do during a Zombie Apocalypse, Who do you go with?
 You're Weapon?
 Stick together or spread out?
What do you wear? 
 You're alone and you see 2 people in trouble. The first person is a male, about 31 and he's slightly overweight. The second person is a young girl about 10 years old. A small group of Zombies are about to eat them. What do you do?
You get cornered by a zombie and you don't have a weapon! The only things you have around you are: A flash light, a glass bottle, A DVD and a water bottle. What do you do?
You're loved one is dead because of zombies. How do you react? 
What's you're Zombie Killing song?  
 Last Question, What are you scared of? 

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