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How Well Do You Know Austin Mahone?
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What's Austin's Middle Name?  
What's Austin's Best Friends Name? 
What Color Is Austin's Eyes? 
How old is Austin? (In 2011) 
What's Austin's Favorite Animal? 
What Does Austin Think About Justin Bieber? 
Where Does Austin Live? 
When Is Austin's Birthday? 
What's Austin's Mother's Name? (AKA Mama Mahome!)  
 What's Austin's Favorite Color? (I think I'm going to strangle you if you haven't figured that out!) 
 What's Austin's Favorite Candy? 
 What Instrument's Does Austin Play? 
 How Tall Is Austin? (Last Recorded in 2011! He's probably a little taller) 
 What's Austin's Dream? 
 What's Austin's Favorite Song? 
 What's Austin's (Current!) Shoe Size? 
 Would Austin Date A Fan?   

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