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What's Your Future Like?
Quiz published January 17, 2012 · 423 takers
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Favorite color? 

What do you do on your free time?
What do u want your future to look like
Will you comment?
Let Fate Decide!
Last! Whats your favorite animal?

What is your warrior cat fate?

· Books
Find out who you are in Erin Hunter's Warrior Cats.

What nightcore song suits you?

· Music
^ ^ ^ title people, learn to read them!

Which mochi would be the best for you?

Which one would it be? Canada mochi, the really weird amerimochi, the friendly Italy mochi, or the fancy England mochi? Art not mine!

Create Your Perfect Boyfriend

Create Your Perfect Boyfriend quiz. ♥ Is your perfect boyfriend athletic. emo, preppy, musical? Take this quiz to find out! ♥

Who are you in Frozen?

C'mon take it! You know ya want to xD

Who's your hot little anime?

This is to see who your dream guy is in the animated world. And, see your story. In other words. (Heart your anime)! PS, long results. :)

Which titan is your BFF?

· TV
Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven are the teen titans.

Which soul eater guy would you date?

· TV
Ok, we picked the most annoying characters we could think of

You're Hogwarts House!

· Books
Title says it all :)

What do people in school see you as?

Just a quiz to see what people in your school see you as. Thanks for taking.

Hetalia RP!

· TV
I decided to make this because there aren't enough of these! So you are stuck with the otaku once again!

Which Character are you From Frozen?

· Movies
Ever wondered which character you were most like from Frozen? Well here's your chance! Take this quiz and find out!~