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Fairy Tail Quiz
Knowledge Quiz published January 20, 2012 · 2,413 takers
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What type of magic do Gajeel  , Wendy and Natsu use ?
What type of wizards celestial wizards are ?
The true identity of Jellal Fernandes ?
At the beginning of the Fairy Tail series how many Gold Keys did Lucy have ?
What dark guild did the Raijin Tribe destroy ?
What spell did Master Makarov use to kill master Jose,of Phantom lord ?
How many grand spells(legendary magic) belong to fairy tail ?
Loke's true identity ?
 What  is specialty of the Raijin Tribe members ?
 Name of Gray's teacher's daughter 
  A legendary wizard who created Lullaby and Deliora ?
 What weapon does Erza Knightwalker use in Edolas ? 
 The dragon that trained Wendy 
 Dragon that trained Gajeel 
 Dragon that trained Natsu 
 Erza's nickname 
 Why was Erza named Scarlet ? 
 Laxus's father's name 
 The guilds that went after  Orasion Seis
 Cathedral found in the middle of Magnolia 

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