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Do You Have Asperger's Syndrome?
Quiz published January 21, 2012 · updated May 23, 2013 · 2,469 takers
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Are you quiet and have very few friends?

Do you show strong interest in very few, specific things?  (and you know a lot about them)       


Do you avoid social interactions?


Do you like to keep talking about one thing for a long time?


Do yah HATE when you have changes in your routine that you don't expect?  like the weekends without a schedule compared to school days with one?


Do you think you relate better to adults than your peers and are seen by others as odd or eccentric?


Are you extra-sensitive to textures like a scratchy tag on your shirt, tastes, or bright lights?

Do you notice the details other people don't notice, such as license plates on cars?
 Do you notice patterns in things a lot?
 Do you have a great long term memory, and possibly not a good short term memory?
 Can you ask people questions easily whenever you need or want to? Can you usually/always maintain a conversation? (I'm not good at either, anyways..)
 How was my first quiz? Did you get bored (haha, no?)  and can you please comment?  btw i think this quiz kinda stinks lol!!

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