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What Devil Fruit are you?
Quiz published January 23, 2012 · 19,501 takers
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Hello! Thanks for taking my quiz! Okay, first question! Ehem, one second (hides behind Luffy, Zoro and Ace) 
What're your  favourite colours out of these?

Phew, now that we've got the dreaded question out of the way, next! Where would you prefer to go on holiday?
Pick an animal!
You dream about:
Your favourite food is:
A bad thing about you is:

My biggest fear is:

Who're your favourite characters?
If you were a character in One Piece, what would your occupation be?
 What words do you live by?

Oh no! Last question! Oh well, thanks for taking my quiz and I really appreciate it! It would make my day if you told me what you got and if you liked it! :) (Yeah, I really like getting comments :D) So...will you comment?


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