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What do the Characters of Naruto think of you
Quiz published March 1, 2012 · 2,692 takers
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Hiya! So what's your favorite color? 
So I'm gonna have the cast ask the Questions. Okay? 

Me:Temari! you're up first!
Temari: What is the best weapon?


Me: Kankuro, you're up!
Kankuro: What rank ninja are you. 


Me: Gaara! You're next...Where is Gaara?
Okay, he's not here. (Sorry Gaara fans)
So, what are your pet peeves? 


Me: Kurenai-sensei! You're turn
Kurenai: Who are your friends? 


Me: Shino! Your turn!
Shino: What is your biggest fear?


Me: Kiba and Akamaru! You two are up!
Kiba: How old are you? 


Me: Hinata? It's your turn next.
Hinata: Um, so... What...what is your favorite ... um quote from below?
me: Good job hinata


Me: Next up! Kakashi-sensei!
Kakashi: Do you enjoy reading? 


Me: Sasuke, you're up.
Sasuke: Are you a fan girl? 


Me: Next up is Sakura
Sakura: Who's better? Me or Ino? 


Me: Next is Nar...
Naruto: Yes! I'm Up! Believe it. So what am I suposed to do again?
Me:Ask them a Question
Naruto: Oh yeah! What's your favorite food? 


Me: Asuma-Sensei! Your turn next!
Asuma: What are your hobbies? 


Me: Shikamaru. Wake up and ask a question.
Shimaru:  What is your speech pattern?


Me: Ino! Your turn!
Ino: What team is your crush on? 


Me: Next is Choji
Choji: What's your Least favorite food? 


Me: Guy-Sensei
Guy: Me or Kakashi? 


Me: Lee, your up!
Lee: Do you believe in the power of youth? 


Me: Hey, Tenten! Your turn!
Tenten: Who's the best sensei? 


Me: Neji! Ask a question
Neji: Do you believe in destiny? 
Me: seriously
Neji: It's fun to annoy people.


Me:Tsunade-sama! You're turn
Tsunade: What village are you from 


Me: Next is... Uh oh. Jaraiya
Jaraiya: What do you think of the Icha-Icha series? 


Me: Next is... Hey! How'd they get in here. Oh well, while your here ask a question you two
Kabuto and Orochimaru: Will you join us? 


Me: Last but not least, Iruka-sensei
Iruka: What's one word to describe your personality

 Okay, will you comment/favorite? 

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1 hour in heaven (Creepypasta)

Hope you guys enjoy it :)

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