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Your life, your love, your story, your Hetalia~!
Quiz published March 11, 2012 · updated February 18, 2013 · 27,421 takers
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How will you respond when someone confesses their love to you? :3
What type of guy do you look for? c: (me: no im not trying to hit on u XD)
RP Time~! :D
Your walking home from school and hear a girl scream, you go and see what's happening and you see Prussia in a field surrounded by baby chicks. You...
After a while of what you picked in the last question, you go home and...
You did what you did for over an hour when suddenly you heard footsteps behind you. You quickly turn around wide eyed then the intruder gave you a blow to the head causing you to fall to the floor half concious. You heard yelling and a loud thump. Your vision was blurry, blood mostly, then you feel arms wrap around you, you struggle to free yourself but once your vision became more visible your eyes met..
END OF RP!! Should I make a lil story about chu? :3 yes no? Maybe? :3
Who do you love? :3
Obvious question~! :3 Let fate decide~! 0.0 (picture not related but I just had to put it XD)

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