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Love Calculator !
Quiz published March 25, 2012 · 36,210 takers
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ok , to calculate your love .. the first thing that you must answer is.. 

what is your favorite color
 ( haha .. just kidding .. you will kill me if i ask you that .. )

the Real Question is .... since when do you like him?
 What do you like about him ? 
let's imagine ... 

it's christmas night .. it's cold because of thick snow .. you walk around your house with your warm jacket ..
and suddenly you find your crush/ BF  is there sit down on the cold snow .. topless .. you can see he's cold and sick because of the weather .. 
he look at you .. freezing ..and smile at you ... 

what will you do? 
ok , so ... say " check " if you can answer this Question about your crush / BF : 

a. does he has a sibling ? what's his/ her name?
b. his favorite food?
c. what is his dad name?
d. the most bad habit that he has ?
e. who is his crush / love right now?  
well .. i'm not that kinda person who like to ask for comment , favorite and follow Question .. 
and i believe you will do it by yourself if my Quiz is good... 
so .. BYE!! thank you for taking it , hope you like the result ... and it's not 100 % accurate so .. don't get it too seriously  .. 

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