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How Well Do You Know Doctor Who?
Knowledge Quiz published April 1, 2012 · 329 takers
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What does TARDIS stand for?
Who played the 4th Doctor?
What do the Daleks say?
What Dalek From The Cult Of Skaro Was In Stolen Earth And Journey's End?
How Old Did The Doctor Say He Was In Voyage Of The Damned?
How Many Hearts Does The Doctor Have?
How And In What Episode Did The Doctor Lose His Hand?
What Is This?
Who Is River Song?
 What Did The Starship UK Have Instead Of An Engine?
 What Episode Did The Doctor Meet Donna For The First Time?
 In What Episode Was The TARDIS Interior Missing?
 What's The Doctor's Daughter Name?
 Who Did The Ood Have Nightmares About?
 Where Are The Slitheen From?
 What Is The First Thing The Doctor Ate In The Eleventh Hour?

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