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Mindless behavior:are you ther #1 girl?
Quiz published April 4, 2012 · 1,678 takers
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what is roc-royals 3 qualities in a girl?

A. swag,nerdy,crazzy

B. dumb,energetic

C. her own little swag ,and likes him for him

D.mindless ,ugly girl


does prodigy have game?

A. yes

B. Noooo




how do u date mindless behavior?

A. be yourself

B. Go sycho

C. cry

D. gain weight and lift weights 2 gain more muscle than them


why dont mindless behavior want their fans fighting over them?

A. they luv them equally

B. they just luv the fans period

C. they dont know

D. becuz their hot.


kiss!kiss! luv Mb last question!?  what is ray rays favorite basketball athlete?

a. shaquille O neal

b. kobe bryant

C. lakerz

D. selena gomez


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