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Are you intelligent enough to answer all my Tricky Questions
Knowledge Quiz published April 10, 2012 · 1,360 takers
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Okay Before anything else.. I need you to relax and take a deep breath...
Because Your Brain might explode, later after answering my tricky Questions =D
HELLO!!!  Okay... First of all.. I need you to be HONEST and NO CHEATING at all!! 
Okay... First Question
7+6 IS 12 or 7+6 ARE 12 ?
Remember No cheating!!!!
If A tree falls on a Forest and hits a Mime, Does anyone cares?
(If you don't know what is a mime, check out here -->
If you and Me are stupid.. Who is between us?
A man is lying SHOT on the road. The Police came to investigate Right Away..
They Knew who shot him. Why? How did they knew, that fast?
There were 10 Horses in a Farm... The Farmer was on a Vacation, while the farmer is in a vacation
3 Horses Died.. How many Horses are in the Farm?
If a rocket can spray Sun screen on the SUN.
Would it be Hot or cold on Earth?
What did Math eat for Lunch?
I'm the beginning of the End. What Am I?
 Okay Because your brain might explode already or very tired.. xD
This is The Last Tricky Question.. Once again, PLEASE BE HONEST!
What did the Apple say to a Pear?
G'Bye! Have a nice day and let's see if you Are intelligent enough to answer all my Tricky Questions
Good Luck!

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