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Can you guess the One Direction lyrics?
Knowledge Quiz published April 15, 2012 · 1,372 takers
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  Baby you light up my would likke nobody else, The way that you flip your hair gets me _______ but when you smile at the crowd it aint hard to tell you dont know you dont know your beautiful!


   Can we fall one more time? Stop the tape and rewind. Oh and if you walk away I know I'll ____ 'Cuz there is nobody else. It's gotta be you only you, It's gotta be you, only you.


  I've tried playing it cool, But when I'm lookng at you , I can never be _____ 'Cos you make my _____ race, shot me out the sky.


 I'm ____ do you hear me. I'm _____ cos you are everything I see. I'm dancing alone. I'm praying that your heart will turn around.


 It feels like we've been living in fast forward. Another moment assing by. The parties nding but it's now or never. Nobody's going home tonight. ____ ____ on replay , she's on replay. DJ got the floor to shake, he floor to shake. 
and peole going all the way, ya all the way. I'm still wide away.

 But I see you with him, Slow dancing, Tearing me apart. 'Cos you dont see. Whenever you kiss him. I'm braking. Ohh, how _ ____ That was me

 Now that you can;t have me. You _______ want me. Now that I'm with somebody else. You tell me you love me. I slept on your doorstep. Beggin' for one chance. And now that I've finally moved on. You say that You missed me all day long.

 Give you this, Give you that. Blow a ____ take it back, If I look inside your brain I could find lots of things. Clothes, shoes, diamond rings. Stuff that drive me insane!

 Circles,  we're going in circles, dizzie's all it makes us, We know where it takes us we've been ____. Closer, maybe looking closer find ot what went wrong without blamming each other.


 Will you coment?


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