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Are you Forever Alone
Quiz published April 17, 2012 · 14,345 takers
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What is your birthstone color? (ha, you thought i was gonna ask what was your favorite color, didnt you?) If you don't know your BS color, then just pick the one that  DEFIES you.
do you hang out with friends/family a lot?
do you have a bf/gf?
do you stand out wherever you go?

can you smile right now if i just randonmly asked you too?

okay then, smile for me. right now.
do YOU think you're Forever Alone?
whne you are angry, who would you want to calm you down, or coax you?
okay, last question. hope you liked my quiz. let fate decide now.
 random question, would you marry a frog?
 its time toooooooooooo..........
 just 2 make yuh smile b4 yuh read the results
 i rly cant STAND cats........
 okay this needs 2 stop........
 we all have these days........

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