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Does he like me?
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how much does he talk to you? 
does he tend to try and find stuff out about you?
is he shy around you? 
are you close friends? 
do you find it hard to make conversation with him? 
does he avoid you? 
does he know who your friends are? 
does he get nervous around you? 
does he know you very well? 
 is he ever speechless around you? 
 has he ever said that he hates you? 
 do you think he likes you? 
 is he single? 
 ever caught him looking/staring at you? 
 do you have his mobile number? 
 does he try and make you laugh? 
 does he laugh at your jokes... even if they are bad? 
 Are you in a relationship?
 are you a shy person?
 do you act differently around him? 
 will you comment and follow? it would mean a lot :) 

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