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Does she like me?
Quiz published April 27, 2012 · 144,779 takers
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 if your crush was walking up to you with a group of her friends, what would she do?
do you talk to her? 
if your last answer was a 'yes' of some sort, what do you talk about? 
does she try and find stuff out about you? 
is she shy around you? 
out of 10, how close are you? 
do you find it hard to talk to her? 
does she avoid you? 
does she know who your friends are? 
 does she get nervous around you? 
 does she know you very well?
 is she ever speechless when talking to you? 
 has she ever told you that she hates you? 
 do you think she likes you? 
 is she single? 
 ever caught her staring/looking at you? 
 do you have her mobile number? 
 does she try and make you laugh? 
 does she laugh at your jokes... even if they are really bad?
 what's your favourite thing about her? 
 will you comment and follow? 

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