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Which One Direction Boy is right for you ?
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 What is your favorite color ? ... ( Please, please dont kill me! Im too young too die!  )  
What do you like to do on your free time?   
Which style best suits you ? :3  
Whats your personality like?  
What is your favorite song from here ? .... AHHH! i know, I know. Its hard too choose just one >__ 
What kind of eyes do you look for on a boy ?  
What kind of pets do you like ? :D  
Well, guise , this is ME  . Sorry, Im not pretty or anything :/ , but ship me with one of the boys & comment with who :') 
Last Question, will you please follow me on Twitter @Sumiii_x3   ? If you do follow, here's my link!/Sumiii_x3     I'll try my best to follow everyone back :) . Pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top ?   *Bats eyelashes & makes puppy dog face*  
 Hahahahahaha, TRICKED YOUUUU !  This is def the last question ;) . Whats your favorite phrase ?  
 OMFG, I gotchuu again ;) . Im on a role today  But I PROMISE this is the last question :) . & I know you guys hate this :/, but will you rate, comment, or follow for more 1D quizzes ?  

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