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Wich anime girl is right for you?
Quiz published July 21, 2008 · 3,776 takers
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Do you like light or dark hair color?
Your going on a date with your anime girl, where are you going?
After your date, you head back to her place, how does the date end?
For your next date, you decide to go see a movie, what movie are you in the mood for?
After the movie you decide to go out for dinner, how do you get to the restaurant?
You get to the restaurant, what will have to eat?
After you eat, who pays the bill?
You pay the bill and leave, once outside you head out to the parking lot, suddenly a man Jumps from a near by bush and pulls a knife on you, how do you react?
You make it back to her place and she offers you a drink, how do you respond?

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