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Should you break up with your girlfriend
Quiz published May 13, 2012 · 12,805 takers
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How long have you two been dating?
How many good things are there about your girlfriend, things that make you wanna stay with her.
 How often do you go out on dates? (be honest)
Do you two have a lot of things in common?
Do your friends not like your girlfriend?
The next few questions will be smiley face questions, just remeber to answer honestly. Which 2 faces looks like you and your girlfriend are together.
Which face describes your when your around her.
Pick which face best describes her when shes around you (be flippin honest!) this miht be a bit of a confusing question you have to really think and take time to look at the faces.

The last few questions are goig to be true or false questions. Some questions will be hard to admit but its important to be honest so you get the true result.
Do you appear to hang out with your friends more than your girlfriend.

 Has she ever asked you on a date and you declined it just so you wouldnt have to hang out with her?
 Do you have a crush on someone else right now?
 Have you ever cheated on her?
 Do you find your girlfriend attractive.
 Do you two fight?
 Does she ask you for money a lot?
 Does she ask you to f*** you or kiss you a lot?
 Have you done things to make her not like you anymore?

FINAL QUESTION!!!! Do you love her


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