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What do guys like most about you?
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Which emoticons represents you best?
What kind of guys do you like? 
What's your favorite subject? 
What's your favorite hair color on a guy? 
If the world ends this year, what would you do? 
If you have to choose, which one of these do you want to be? 
A cute guy, that you JUST met asks you for your number, you... 
What's your LEAST favorite color? (AHA. Didn't expect that now did you? 
Let fate play a part! Choose one: 
What do you think of this quiz? (This will NOT affect your results. Be honest so I can improve or something? )

Who is Your Butler (Black Butler)

Does Claude, or Sebastian pledge allegiance to you? Find out. Pretty Long Results.

What do people see you as?

How do people see you?

How do you lie?

What is the most convincing way you lie? How good of a liar are you? What can sometimes give you away? What do you lie about?

Who are you?

A very deep quiz with a lot of results.

What ghost is in love with you?

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Wanna know what ghost loves you?

Halloween Costume Ideas

Find out what you should wear to ths special halloween party or just out in the streets this year! ~please dont copy luv bugs~

Can i annoy you

Can i? (random picture)

What Ghost/Killer is watching you righ...

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Your song

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Find out which song describes you best!

How Mature are you

This quiz may come in handy to some of you. And honestly if your not mature embrace it. And if you also embrace it. Enjoy! Thanks for the +4,000 views!

Where would your Operator symbol be?

If you were a proxy of Slenderman, where would the symbol that binds you to him be?

Your Past Life

Who are you in your past life? Are you the new generation or reincarnation? I just made this for fun,it's not 100% true. enjoy! love ya xx