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What type of mythical creature are you?
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Hello! My name is Ine and I'll be your guide :3
Welcome to the world of fantasy, where everything can happen!
Let me ask you a first question, to start properly: which of those creatures you can relate to? 
Now, tell me what's the most important for you?
What's your dream job? 
Let's say you can have any superpower of these. Which would you choose? 
Time for RP! (everyone: YAAAAY!)
You have a problem to deal with. What do you do and how?
Let's say that you couldn't solve the [important] problem you previously had. How do you react?
You're in a building, full of people and suddenly heard that there's a fire inside. What do you do? 
Imagine you've inherited a huge castle, full of paintings, unexplored rooms and other interesting things. Nearby there's a crowdy town, but also a mythical and surely magical forest. What do you do?
Now, choose: a weapon 
 And the last one - favourite...time of a day

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