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How well do you know Nico di Angelo?
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What is Nico's mom's name?
What is the name of Nico's real sister?
Who is Nico's father?
Between which two books does Nico rescue Hazel from the Underworld?
In which book does Nico come to Camp Half-Blood?
In which book does Nico get captured by Gaea?
Who is Nico's half-sister?
What metal makes up Nico's sword?
Which book does Nico say this to Percy? "With great power. . . comes great need to take a nap."
 What title does Nico take from King Minos in The Battle of the Labyrinth?
 Which fury dips Nico and Bianca into the River Lethe?
 How long did Nico pass out the first time he shadow travelled?
 Who gave Nico the Mythomagic figurine of Hades?
 Who once turned Nico into a dandelion?
 What was Nico's response when he found out he was a demigod?
 Who did Nico blame for Bianca's death?
 In The Son of Neptune, who does Nico find amusing?
 In the Demigod Files, what does Persephone give to Nico?
 Approximately, how old is Nico in the Son of Neptune?
 What is the physical description of Nico?
 What did Nico call Dionysus when they met?
 In the Titans Curse, what question did Nico ask Percy that made Percy consider 'stuffing him in a meat flavored sack and throwing him to the wolves'?

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