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Are you Really A Breathe Carolina Fan?
Knowledge Quiz published June 1, 2012 · 547 takers
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 First things first, who are the two main band members of Breathe Carolina?

Who are the three extra band members? 
Tour dog's name? 
Finish the lyric: "I said it before, but I ________________" .
Name this song: "I want you to know, I've been in your apartment. This is the instrument I split your head apart with." 
Lead singer's favorite candy? 
Which ones are their actual albums? 
Where is the band originally from? 
 Finish the lyric: "She got a bitter bite, but I'm _____________"
 How did Breathe Carolina get their name? 
 Lead singer's middle name? 
 Screamer and back-up vocal's favorite color of Gatorade? 
 What does the lead singer's knuckle tattoos say?
 What was the name of their first EP called? 
 What is their newest hit single? 

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