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Your EXO boyfriend
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A-yo waddup peeps. (Since there are 12 results, this quiz is going to be longer than expected. Don't hate on me, just enjoy. Ok? :D)
Choose a color (It doesn't have to be your favorite)
Choose the date that is closest to your own
 Choose a number :D (It doesn't have to be your favorite)
Your favorite boy? (I know it's hard to pick one, but you have to pick just one..........)
EXO-? Choose one :D
What power would you like to have?
Ideal height for a guy?
Choose one......
 Choose one (<--- this phrase is getting old -.-)
 Cutest nickname(s)? :D
 Blood blood blood! Choose one (It doesn't have to be your type)
 Favorite motto?
 His personality....
 Describe yourself...... (Choose the one that is most like you)

The End :D Hope you liked my quiz. Please comment and rate. If you liked it follow me (^_^)/
Mmmmm....... ok, last question. Isn't Kris freaking gorgeous? (yes, he's my bias XD) Just say yes, yes! XD ---------->


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