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Which boy from One Direction will you end up with?
Quiz published June 9, 2012 · updated July 16, 2013 · 14,147 takers
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Quick Question: Have you watched all of the boys tour diaries and their video diaries? (X-Factor diaries) & don't lie! This does not count towards your result, it was just out of curiosity.
Do you respect & like all of the boys girlfriends?
Did you watch all of the boys X-Factor auditions?
What would you do if you met One Direction?
Favorite One Direction song:
Who is your favorite?
Out of your friends, who are you most like? & once again don't lie just to get who you want!
First thing you notice in a guy. Be honest!
I hate when people promote themselves & I know everyone asks this but I'm writing this story that I've been working on for two years and I posted it on my profile so if you could go and read it that would just make my day! I have only shared it with one person before and I'd really like some feed back on it. The chapters are really short too! Thank you! This does not count to your result either, I promise. So don't go and put yes if you won't because like I said it won't count to your result!

If you want be sure to take my newest quiz that I worked really hard on and it has super long results I promise you won't be disappointed! :) Link: Your Heated Moment with One Direction


This is just a quick question but is anyone else like obsessed or get really excited with Louis & Niall's solo's? They're so amazing!


Random number time! This is completely irrelevant from One Direction but pick one please

 Have you seen them in concert?
 Favorite couple of One Direction? & I don't mean like bromances between the boys.

Don't you just love their hip thrusts?

 Last Question! What's your favorite color? & once again be honest! Don't just pick the boy who you wants favorite color!

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