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What does Black Butler characters think of you?
Quiz published June 9, 2012 · 14,068 takers
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Hello. :) Okay let's start! You know that Ciel likes to drink tea, but  do you? Do you like tea? :D
What do you think of cats?
Do you like the red haired shinigami Grell?
Imagine that you have a butler, and he/she accidently dropped a cup of tea on the carpet. What would you do?
 Do you like shinigamis?
Okay, RP time!
Let's say that you are a guest in Trancy's manor. Alois walks up to you and slaps you for no reason. Your reaction?
You see Ciel walking around the streets, It looks like he hadn't sleep or eat for days and he's hurt as well.He walks closer to you and asks for help. What do you do?
End of RP! What do you think of Claude?
 Okay, its over!Will you comment? :)

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