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Which Divergent Faction are you Suited To?
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You are given a gun and told that you must shoot someone. Whoever you do not shoot, you must guide to safety in a dangerous place, with enemy fire on you at all times. Before you stand a young boy, a grown woman who is heavily pregnant and an old woman who begs you for mercy. Whom do you shoot? 
A bully beats you up at school. You are terrified of this person. What do you do? 
You are at a committee meeting for an event that is incredibly important to you and the people around you. The leader of the meeting calls for silence. How do you respond? 
One of your distant friend is in a relationship with someone, and has told you that they love their partner. You start to develop feelings for your friends partner, and they tell you that they like you too. What do you decide to do? 
There is a new girl at school. You befriend her immediately and discover you have a lot in common. However, your best friend takes a disliking to her instantly. What do you do? 
You and three other people are given the materials to build something with the goal of surviving. What do you build? 

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