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Guess the WWE Superstars?
Knowledge Quiz published June 20, 2012 · 1,305 takers
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Male, from West Newbury, Massachusetts. He does a lot when it comes to promoting the company and he is seen as one of the most popular when it comes to things like the make a wish foundation.
So even though this male is known with a nick name, his real name is Michael.  He was first known to the wwe world appearing on Tough Enough. He's from California however was born in Ohio. He debut in 2003.
This dude is another with a nickname, his real name is Mark. He has a massive winning streak at wrestlemania (just pretty much gave it away) and his debut was in 1984. 
Another guy that doesn't use his real name. (Many seem to do this a lot...) His real name is Matt, he started in the wwe as a tag team and now is a solo wrestler. He's from New York and is well known on the internet, some would say he's internet famous. 

Time for a diva! She is not currently wrestling however she is seen as one of the biggest divas to ever grace the wwe ring. She's worked with the likes of Jeff Hardy, Edge and Essa Rios :)

This guy is a retired wrestler however is pretty recent. His real name is Adam and he was a part of one of the most successful tag teams of all time. Also, an achievement he's got is he's won 31 championships in the WWE. 

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