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What do the dragon ball z guys think you?
Quiz published June 23, 2012 · updated March 22, 2013 · 3,135 takers
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Me:ok vegeta?where is my lovely prince?
Gohan:not here.
Me:crap.*frowns*well first question-how often and how hard do you train?


Me:you ask the next quesion.*nuges Gohan*
Gohan:ok what's your favorite color?*catches flying chair*

Me:how do you feel about kakarot(goku)?

Gohan:describe yourself.


Vegeta:*comes in*
Me:*smiles*hey prince.ask a question for me?
Vegeta:tck.fine.what music do you listen to?


Vegeta:can i leave now?
Me:*gives him a peck*do as you wish.
Me:*as vegeta leaves and gives gohan a death stare*ask the last the question before i ram my fist through your face.
Gohan:okay.uh,who do consider a friend?


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