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Which big time rush boy would you marry?
Quiz published June 28, 2012 · 2,422 takers
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If you could describe your dream boy in one word it would be...


When you get married, your "first dance" song will be...


What's your dream honeymoon location?


Your dream boy will propose while...


Your wedding will be...


What flavor will your wedding cake be?


What will your wedding ring look like?


What's the one thing that's gotta be perfect at your wedding?


What wedding shoes will you be wearing?


You've gotta give your guests something! What's will it be?


Will you comment please? this is my first quiz that's why? and tell me what other type of quiz you would like me to do? this won't affect the quiz. thank you


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Well...take it! readd the title honey!

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Heyy if you follow me i promise i will follow you back!

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