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Have a Chat with Princeton From Mindless Behavior!
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Ok i think yall know how this goes.Just pretend your having a conversation with Princeton.Your at the park feeding the baby duckys bread by the lake.And your sitting under a apple tree.GO!  
Hey shawty!:) 
Aww your feeding ducks?Can i join you? 
I know this is kind of random but...Do you like this boy band called Mindless Behavior? 
Well im Princeton im the back up vocalist,dance,and spokes person of mindless behavior. 
Your the most beautiful girl i have ever seen . 
Do you like Hippies?  
Im really into peace and rock!I wanna spread peace through out the world.Do you like this song? 
Whats your favorite color? 
 Um i also hate bulling we had a concert to stop bulling.I was bullied when i was in public school 
 Here i plucked you the reddest apple. 
 :( I gotta go mii boys callin me.But heres mii numer 373-7548-82** 

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