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Are you a true pewdiepie bro?
Quiz published July 8, 2012 · 18,652 takers
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Okay lets start easy, Where is PewDiePie from?
What is the name of the little golden statue that pewdiepie carrys around?
Which of thies do pewdiepie hate the most?
What is pewdiepies girlfriends youtube username?
Okay, were abit harder now, what is pewdiepies real name?

Which of thies games dose pewdiepie NOT play?(Multiple Awnsers)


Which of thies games DOES  Pewdiepie play? (Multiple awnsers)

Okay the last Questions are the hardest! Can you like pewdiepiw on FaceBook?
What does Pewdiepie Give his Bro's?
 Do you like PewdiePie?
 Did You Like My Quiz?

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