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Your Guardian Dragon
Quiz published July 12, 2012 · 949 takers
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"Hello, my name is Emmit. So you're here to discover who your dragon guardian is, huh?"
"Please choose one of these adjectives to describe yourself or what others might think of you."
"Fantastic! Now tell me, which of these gems seem most appealing to you? We may need this information to match you up with a guardian."
"Aha, I see. Next question, have you ever been in a fight involving violence?" (ex: fistfight/catfight/ect...)
"Is that so? Do you enjoy reading?"
"Interesting... Do you care about your appearance?"
"Fascinating. What do you think humans should express more?"
"I think that's a good answer too. Random question; if you were stranded on an island with some of your friends, what would you do to survive?" 
"Good. Of these words/phrases, which do you say most often/like best?"
 "Huuuhhh... Can't think of anything good to ask... How about... What qualities in a person do you find attractive?"
 Riddle Dragon: "Emmit what are you doing? We need good, interesting questions for a working outcome!" 
Emmit: "Yeah, well you only set me up with the first three questions, what am I supposed to do now?"
 Emmit: "Well, we have to ask them something."
Riddle Dragon: "Ask them this" *Hands Paper*
Emmit: "What time of day is your favorite?"
 "Can you take it from here?"
 "Yes, you can leave now. I've got another question, which of these philosophies do you like best?"
 "I like that quote. What animal best represents you?"
 "Okay, I think that should do it. We will now lead you to your guardian dragon!"

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