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Does Your Crush Like You Back?
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How well do you know him? 
Do you notice him staring at you a lot? 
When you guys are talking or when you guys hang out, does he turn his back on you often? 
Does he lean towards you a lot? Or Does he physically touch you often, on his own free will? 
Does he teases you a lot? 
Does he treat you different from the group/everyone else? 
 Does your friends or his friends tease you guys? (Like: "Awww, you two look so cute together" or "Aww, look she's blushing!" etc)
Does he flirt with other girls when he's around you? 
Does he shows all these signs?
 Here's signs that he likes you: 
- He looks at you a lot.
- He rarely turns his back on you
- He leans towards you a lot (Meaning he doesn't mind you being in his "personal space"
- He treats you different than the rest of the group
- He teases you in a friendly manner  
- He flirts with other girls to get your attention
Let fate play a part: 

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