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UPDATED*Which Lord of the Rings Race are you? (31 questions)
Quiz published July 24, 2012 · updated 10 months ago · 24,406 takers
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What kind of activity would you do?
what's your favorite color?
What's your favorite thing to do?
What would you prefer to eat?
What is your WORST fear?
What kind of genre of book would you be reading?
You are....
It's the middle of the night and there is an intense thunderstorm going on... What do you do?
Do you get breakouts?
 What game do you like best?
 You go to the gym, what do you do?
 What kind of cereal do you eat?
 You are on an airplane, what is your reaction?
 You are cleaning out your room, what do you find?
 Someone is bothering your friend, what do you do?
 What's your favorite animal?
 You have just discovered a plan to play a joke on a teacher... What do you do?
 How often do you take a shower?
 You are on a road trip, what can you NOT live without?
 What Pizza topping would you choose?
 What is your favorite drink?
 You see a movie on TV where the animal dies in the end (I HATE THOSE MOVIES!!!) You..
 At this very moment, what would you like to be doing?
 What is your best feature?
 What do you do in your sleep?
 Thanks for taking!
 Haha! More questions!!!
 Its a Friday afternoon and your best friend is angry at you for some crazy reason.  They send you horribly wordy texts about how dumb you are and how you should never have been born (Little stuff like that) What on earth do you do?
 Its the first day of Summer Vacation!!!!!!!!! What do you do to celebrate?
 What king of music is on your iPod?
 Alrighty! that's it!

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