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Talk To One direction ! :D
Quiz published August 13, 2012 · 3,680 takers
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Okay, Ready To talk To them Girls Who ever picture is on the side is the one talking Okay  ? :)  p.s don't just put what you THINK will give you the best answer. be honest. if you fan girl. then you fan girl haha so be honest. :) 
Hey Love! How are you? *wink & smiles* xx. 
That's Great! So What's your Favorite song on our album? *smiles* 
So, If you got to do anything with us for a day what would it be?  Zayn : *Texting in the back* 
Can't wait for yall to hear  our next album gonna be sick! *eats cookie* 
Well Sorry babe we got to go. :/  
Bye! We Love you ! xx.  

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