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Are you A True Ninja?
Quiz published August 15, 2012 · 2,447 takers
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#1. What color do you mainly dress in?
#2. Are you afraid of any of these? Spiders, rats/mice/sharp objects/ getting caught
#3. If you were a ninja, what would you bring on your awsome ninja mission?
#4. What time are you most active?
#5. Are you always attacking the floor(tripping)?
#6. How stealthy are you?
#7. When you are on your ninja mission, you are hiding stealthily from the enemy and you see a bunch of spiders. What do you do?
#8. You are on a ninja mission and you see the enemy approaching. What do you do?
#9. What do you choose?
 #10. What color do you choose for your ninja outfit?
 #11. Do you like Ninjas?
 #12. Do you consider yourself a Ninja?
 #13. What do you think of Ninjas?
 #14.'d you like the quiz?
 #15. Bye-Byes. I hope you'll comment/follow/heart. :D
 Sorry, I know I said bye-bye already, but.......RANDOM NINJA QUESTION TIME!!! If you were an animal Ninja what animal would it be?
 Okay. LAST question. We are still on the RANDOM NINJA QUESTION TIME!!! Here's the question. Do Ninjas like homework?

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