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The ULTIMATE Pewdiepie Bro Quiz
Knowledge Quiz published August 23, 2012 · updated 2 weeks ago · 270,662 takers
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Let's start off pretty easily: Where is pewdiepie from?
Ok, next pretty easy question: What is Pewdiepie's real name?
What is pewdiepie's favorite color?
What is pewdiepie's favorite food?
Alrighty, next question!: How old is Pewdiepie?
What year was pewdiepie born in?
When is Pewdiepie's Birthday?
What is Pewdiepie's Mom's name?
Who is Pewdiepie Married to?
 Where is his significant other from?
 What pet(s) does pewdiepie have and what is/are it's/their name(s)?
 What kind of games does pewdiepie play most often?
 Who does pewdiepie play co-op with most?
 What is pewdiepie's best friend/golden statue/protector/Savior?
 What are followers of pewdiepie called?
 What game is your favorite that pewdiepie plays? (This doesn't effect your results)
 Which Pewdiepie Character is your Favorite? (This has no effect on your results :3)

Now, for the final question...

Are you a true bro?

 I lied :3, this is the final question: How many Subscribers did pewdiepie recently reach?

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