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What 2P Hetalia Character Are You?
Quiz published August 29, 2012 · 12,158 takers
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Alright! Question number 1! :D What's you FAAAAAAAVORITE color ?
Favorite Food?
Your walking down the street when suddenly you feel a presence following you. No matter how fast you speed up, or however many corners you turn, the 'presence' wont stop following you. You turn around only to see the figure before your eyes,smiling. You sigh a sigh of relief. Yet maybe you feel a little....Scared?
Who was it that was following you?
When you realize who the person was, he suddenly comes close to you and.......
Well, roleplay over for now.   Hmmm, now what type of weapon would you use?
Bow Ties,Jackets,Walking Around In Underwear,or ....Pasta.?
Welp, today someone from 2P Hetalia is gonna come and steall all yo stuff, who would you perfer to steal yo stuff

JO~MAMA: What kind of question IS that?
Me: MY KINDA QUESTION !!!!!!!!!!

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